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The Importance of Pollution Liability Insurance

Texas pollution liability insurance is a common insurance that offers valuable coverage for energy companies. This coverage fills in the gap found in most general liability insurance policies, since standard general liability policies don’t offer pollution liability coverage.

Pollution liability allegations and mandated cleanup costs can be extensive and financially devastating, and can sometimes be enough to put a company out of business.

Any company has the potential to face a pollution liability lawsuit, but energy companies are especially at risk. Oil and gas companies, or companies that deal with the transportation of oil, gas, or materials that could cause potential environmental contamination, should have pollution liability insurance.

Does Your Company Require Pollution Liability Insurance?
While energy companies and oil and gas sectors are the most obvious industries that require pollution insurance, other companies or contractors such as janitorial contractors, paint contractors, construction companies, remediation companies, and even HVAC contractors also run the risk of pollution liability-related lawsuits.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize that they need pollution liability insurance, and often go without or simply assume their general liability policy covers them. However, this mistake can have serious consequences. Since most general liability policies do not include pollution coverage, if something were to happen which resulted in the company being held liable for remediation and cleanup costs, the outcome would be financially devastating.

Protect Your Company With Pollution Liability Insurance
Environmental disasters are always unexpected and can be devastating. In case of an incident, pollution liability insurance can provide valuable coverage, preventing you from the financial devastation involved with the potential flood of lawsuits and defense costs, as well as damages and the major expense of contamination and remediation costs.

Contact Texas Energy Insurance today for more information on a pollution liability insurance policy. At Texas Energy Insurance, we provide commercial liability policies to energy companies across the state of Texas, and would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding a pollution liability insurance policy.