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Pollution Liability Insurance for Energy Companies: What Does it Cover?

Energy companies face many challenges and risks that other companies don’t have.

One of those challenges is the increased risk of pollution liability. Energy companies face many pollution risks including water or soil contamination, leaks in storage tanks or pipelines, toxic emissions from general operations and more.

Pollution liability insurance is an important part of any energy company’s risk management systems. Pollution liability is a type of coverage that provides protection for a company from litigation related to pollution. This important insurance can be invaluable in the event of an unforeseen environmental disaster, and can help prevent a company from the devastating financial effects that an environmental disaster can cause.

It’s important to note that commercial general liability insurance policies don’t usually cover pollution damage. Even if a general liability policy does contain a level of coverage for pollution liability, the coverage that it provides may not be sufficient to cover a large-scale environmental disaster. For this reason, many energy companies purchase pollution liability insurance to help minimize their risks.

What Does Pollution Liability Cover?
Pollution liability coverage is designed to provide energy companies with coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims stemming from pollution incidents. It is also designed to cover government, or third party mandated clean-up costs.

Pollution liability insurance is designed to provide coverage for the following areas:

  • Injury to Third Parties: Energy companies are faced with the increased risk of injury related claims. Pollution insurance provides coverage for third party injuries that are sustained as a result of the energy company’s operations.
  • Property Damage: Property damage claims can be costly. Pollution insurance is designed to cover damage claims resulting from the company’s operations and can include leaking fuel storage tanks, accidents resulting in chemical spills, or even contaminated water supplies.
  • Remediation Costs: Cleanup costs can be extensive. Since energy companies are required to clean up environmental pollution according to specific procedures, a mandated clean up can be devastating to an energy company that does not have the necessary funds to conduct such an extensive project. Pollution liability provides coverage for government and third party mandated cleanups.

Texas Energy Insurance provides pollution liability policy with your company in mind. At Texas Energy Insurance, we understand the risks that energy companies face and have industry specific knowledge on coverage that energy companies need in order to protect themselves. Contact Texas Energy Insurance for more information on pollution liability, or general liability insurance in Katy, Houston, Cypress, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Fulshear, Richmond, Sealy, Fairfield, and Tomball, Texas. (877) 952-1010