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For Texas oil and gas companies, a comprehensive pollution liability insurance policy is important.

Pollution liability for oil and gas companies offers valuable protection from the repercussions of a spill, leak, or accident resulting in environmental contamination.

While most oil and gas companies have general liability insurance, general liability insurance policies don’t usually extend to provide coverage for pollution liability. The risk of pollution is a separate risk; that requires specific coverage.

What Does Pollution Liability for Oil and Gas Companies Cover?

Pollution liability offers coverage for the financial repercussions of environmental contamination as a result of your business operations. An accident or mistake that results in accidental release of oil, gas, chemicals, or toxic gasses into the environment would be covered with pollution liability.

This coverage offers protection against pollution damage that occurs on-site or on a third-party’s property, and provides coverage in case of injury or property damage to third parties, remediation and clean-up costs, as well as your legal fees.

The Importance of Pollution Liability for Texas Energy Companies

While you take every precaution to prevent accidents or issues from arising, sometimes events happen that are beyond our control. An accident or leak that results in an oil spill, a damaged pipeline, or spilled chemicals could be devastating to the environment, and you would be held responsible for clean-up and remediation costs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late –ask your insurance provider today if you are covered with pollution liability insurance. Pollution liability provides valuable coverage for oil and gas companies, offering protection against the unexpected.

At Texas Energy Insurance, we understand the challenges that oil and gas companies face, and will work hard to ensure that you find coverage polices that are designed around your company’s needs.

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