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Oil and Gas Insurance

Companies working in the energy industry often have a hard time finding insurance, especially when it comes to oil and gas insurance.

Even if your company does have an oil and gas insurance policy, the minimum coverage required is constantly changing, making it hard to keep up.

When it comes to finding an oil and gas insurance policy, it’s important that your agent will work for you to ensure your company has comprehensive coverage, and to ensure that you are kept up to date with the constantly changing requirements for companies involved in the oil and gas industries.

Oil and gas insurance is important for onshore and offshore drilling, for companies associated with operation, drilling, servicing, manufacturing, equipment rental, and for contractors such as oil field electricians, geophysical services, and pipeline contractors. If you or your company is associated with anything pertaining to the oil and gas industries, including drilling, transportation, and servicing equipment it is a good idea to check with an insurance agent to see if your field of work requires an oil and gas insurance policy.

An oil and gas policy should cover equipment, liability, pollution liability, and workers compensation. It should also take into account the chance of an oil or gas spill. The liability associated with a spill is high, and even a small spill can cause devastating damage. While insuring your company can’t prevent a spill from happening, it can help with the cleanup and damage control. The liability and potential lawsuits associated with a spill could be devastating if your company isn’t properly insured.

It’s important to ensure your company is adequately insured. You can take steps to protect your company ahead of time, talk to an agent about gas and oil insurance today.

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