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While most companies work hard to create a safe work environment for their employees, there are still risks that are found in every company –no matter what industry. Oil and gas companies are certainly no exception. Energy companies come with a wide range of risks, and companies must be diligent in their efforts to combat workplace risks.

No matter how many workplace safety measures are in place however, there are still dangers that are inherently present in every workplace; which is why employees should take care to ensure that they remain alert. By consistently being on guard for unexpected dangers, and remaining alert and aware, employees play a vital role in their workplace safety.

Below are three of the most common employee workplace injuries. Developing strong risk management strategies and encouraging your employees to remain proactive and diligent in workplace safety, can help to reduce incidents in the workplace. Help to keep your employees safe –and your insurance claims to a minimum.

Falling Objects

A good risk management plan will involve the proper placement of objects, preventing them from falling. However, even with the best safety plan, there is still a risk of objects being dropped or falling. Employees who are aware and alert can move or catch the object in time, and avoid injury.

Walking Into Objects

When an employee isn’t paying attention, everything becomes a potential hazard. Employees should remain alert and diligent when on the job in order to reduce the chance of injury. Complete your risk management preparation by informing your employees of the risks involved with not paying attention on the job.

Improper Lifting

Manual handling/lifting ranks among the top three causes of on-the-job injury. Employees should be taught to avoid shortcutting and lifting heavy objects without the proper tools and techniques, and be proactive in combating unnecessary job-related injuries.

Teach your employees to constantly be aware and on the lookout for hazards on the job. When you are implementing your risk management strategy, be sure that your employees understand that there are risks all around. By staying alert, they can avoid being involved in a serious accident.

In the oil and gas industries, a momentary lapse of judgment can mean a serious accident for one employee –or many. Keeping your employees actively involved in risk management is the best way to reduce your number of accidents in the workplace, and can help to keep your insurance premiums low.