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Insurance Options for Oil and Gas Companies

Running an oil and gas company isn’t without risks. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your insurance policy provides enough coverage in case something goes wrong.

At Texas Energy Insurance, we understand the risks and liabilities that oil and gas companies face, and have extensive experience in providing Texas energy companies with policies that are designed around their specific needs. From well control insurance, to inland marine policies that are designed to protect oil and gas that is in transit, we have what it takes to help you make sure that your energy company is covered.

Protect yourself with these valuable coverage options available to Texas energy companies:

  • Commercial General Liability – Commercial general liability is designed to protect and cover general liability exposures that come up in the oil and gas industry. General liability insurance offers coverage from third-party lawsuit alleging bodily injury or property damage that incurred while on your property or resulting from your actions.
  • Umbrella Liability – Umbrella liability insurance offers special additional liability coverage for potential losses that might not be covered under your policies.
  • Control of Well – Well control insurance covers expenses that are involved with regaining control of a well after a blowout. Well control insurance can include coverage for liability, re-drilling costs, evacuation expenses, pollution, and cleanup costs.
  • Workers Compensation – Workers compensation offers valuable coverage for employee work-related injuries or illnesses. Workers compensation pays for the employee’s medical costs and a portion of lost wages, preventing you from having to pay out-of-pocket for these expenses.
  • Commercial Auto – Commercial auto insurance offers coverage for company vehicles, as well as employees who operate them. It also offers coverage for third party victims who may be involved in an accident.
  • Inland Marine Insurance – Inland marine insurance for energy companies provides valuable coverage for goods that are in transit. This insurance offers coverage for oil or gas that is being transported up a well, or being moved via road, sea, or down a pipeline.

For more information on valuable insurance coverage for your Texas oil and gas company, contact Texas Energy Insurance today. Find out how you can reduce your liabilities and risk exposure with Texas energy insurance.