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Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance provides coverage for property and goods that are on the move or in transit.

When it comes to business that isn't routinely conducted onsite, standard business owner’s liability insurance won’t always cover or insure against accidents, or loss of property.

If your company is involved with transporting goods, or is always on the move, a marine insurance policy may be an important coverage option to consider.

Who is it For?
Inland marine insurance for the energy sector typically covers the transportation of valuable products such as oil or gas. It also provides coverage for electricity companies, since electricity is transferred through wire and fiber.

This type of policy is also routinely recommended for business owners who travel for work, and can cover the transportation of goods, or services such as construction tools.

Policy Options
Inland marine insurance policies come with many different policy options. Depending on the policy, inland marine insurance can cover various stages of transportation and locations depending on the type of transit. Inland marine insurance can cover over a dozen types of property locations and different stages of transportation.

Inland marine policies are often used to fill in gaps in existing insurance policies. These policies are recommended to help ensure complete coverage in the event of damage or loss.

These policies are designed to provide coverage for valuables regardless of where the property is located, and are sometimes called “floater policies” because the property to which these policies are added is in transit.

Since there are many different aspects of this insurance, and different policies that cover different areas of transportation and property – it is important that you talk with your insurance agent to ensure you have adequate coverage for the type of transportation you are providing, as well as the property you are transporting, and the locations that the property is traveling to.

To find out more about inland marine liability insurance contact the insurance specialists at Texas Energy Insurance today. Texas Energy Insurance will work for you to help simplify the process of purchasing inland marine insurance.