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Combating Discrimination in the Workplace

The number of discrimination lawsuits rising from work related incidents has increased by more than 2000% in the last twenty years.

Companies can protect themselves from discrimination or wrongful termination lawsuits by taking proactive measures to combat discrimination in the workplace, and by taking out liability insurance coverage.

By taking measures to prevent discrimination, companies can reduce the chance of a lawsuit. In the process, they also create well-documented evidence of discrimination prevention. In case of a lawsuit, employers who take steps to prevent discrimination and work hard to eliminate it, may be held less liable.

Here are some ways to prevent workplace discrimination, to create a better work environment while reducing the chance of lawsuits.

Create an Antidiscrimination Policy
A good policy should help employees to understand the true nature of discrimination and its destructive consequences. Consider having a business attorney with experience in discrimination policies help you draft a policy.

Educate Employees on Discrimination
Education is an important part of preventing discrimination. Be sure that every employee has read a copy of the antidiscrimination policy, and ensure that everyone understands its content.

Encourage managers to clamp down on the first signs of discrimination. Effective managers can help to prevent discrimination even more than a policy.

Provide a Supportive Work Environment
Employers should always take measures to provide a supportive work environment. Creating diverse workgroups, keeping lines of communication open, and holding regular meetings to discuss updates to the policy can contribute to a supportive environment.

Employees should be able to report discrimination to a human resources professional. It is helpful to have a human resources professional who has experience with handling discrimination complaints, as discrimination issues require an especially skilled and candid approach.

Disciplinary Measures
All disciplinary action on discrimination should be handled quickly. Keep records of any disciplinary action taken.

Take Out a Comprehensive Liability Policy
Conflict management is an important way of helping to reduce troubles in the workplace, and helping to prevent potential lawsuits, but it’s also important for business owners to take out an extensive liability policy.

Statistically, a company with 100 employees will be faced with an employment practices claim lawsuit once in every three years. These number point to the increasingly important need for businesses with employees to purchase liability insurance as an extra safeguard for the future.